How to Handle the Media


by Jim Macnamara
ISBN 0 7248 0528 1 (120 pages)

First published in 1996 by Prentice Hall Australia and used extensively in media training of executives and endorsed by the Australian Institute of Management, this practical handbook is now out of print in hard copy, but available as an e-book for downloading.

This handbook covers:

  • Understanding the media – including what makes news; why news is often negative; and different interviewer styles from 'baseliners' to 'net rushers';
  • Basic ingredients of media interviews and relationships including the importance of brevity (the 10 second and 30 second 'grab') and keeping it simple;
  • Seven tools for successful media interviews – key concepts explained in this handbook include showing how to get your 'must says' (key messages) across; how to 'bridge' to your 'must says' when asked irrelevant or peripheral questions; and how to reduce editing and misquoting by using 'standalone statements';
  • Ground rules for dealing with the media covering important need to know information such as what is (and isn't) 'off the record'; what is 'non-attributable'; when and when not to give 'exclusives'; and what to do about misreporting;
  • How to build relationships with journalists and editors and look beyond the single interview and story.

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