Short Stories
A number of these short stories have been published in literary magazines and been awarded in literary competitions in Australia and recognised internationally including in the Nottingham Trent University Online Writing Community in the UK. Details of awards and prior publication are included at the end of each story.
E-Man: E-Woman – by Jim Macnamara
A story written in e-mail text of a relationship in cyberspace that crosses national and gender borders, with results that send a warning about modern life.
The Alphabet Bug – by Jim Macnamara
More significant than the infamous Millennium Bug, a lawyer trademarks the alphabet with dire consequences for the world.
Planet Man – by Jim Macnamara
Are we all programmed, living diskman life and dying diskman death? Diskman philosophers. Diskman God. The story of a young man searching for answers and finding the voice within himself.
Two Hundred Degrees of Sky – by Jim Macnamara
A story of the desire in us all to find our unique place in the world and the journeys we take. ‘Two hundred degrees of sky’ describes a special place found after traversing the world’s greatest cities, the pyramids of Egypt, China, and the landscape of the human mind.
Baxter’s Junction – by Jim Macnamara
Nick Calamari, Pete Young, Kelvinator Refrigerator and Matt the Rat struggle to survive boyhood, The Mist, and Baxter’s Junction.
Joe Caricature – by Jim Macnamara
Young Joe didn’t want to waste his life like Old Joe did. But how do you escape cardboard cut-out world?
The Committee – by Jim Macnamara
What happens, or doesn’t happen, when a committee is formed. A humorous but telling account of committeeship.
Millstown – by Jim Macnamara
Two men visit a mega-shopping mall and find themselves lost in a world not designed for men.
The Glass Lady – by Jim Macnamara
She makes sculptures out of glass and wire and thread. “That’s not art, my family pronounced. Esme Robinson’s daughter paints horses and landscapes. You can recognise the places. That’s art.” I sat frozen in the beam of my father’s steady stare.
When Worlds Collide – by Jim Macnamara
It hovered over her horizon that morning, “a giant full stop, a wasteland maker, an unpeopler”. As she waited for it to begin its wanton trajectory, Siew Hua reflected on her life in the crowded Hong Kong skyscraper, now part of the new China, before it was demolished into the thinness of a page.

The Lake That Couldn’t Find the Sky

– by Jim Macnamara 

A haunting nostalgic recollection of a childhood memory of an Outback lake filling from a distant storm, then just as quickly evaporating before the muddy expanse could ever reflect the sky.

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• Jim Macnamara presents refereed paper at the Australian and New Zealand Communication Association (ANZCA) 2008 conference, Wellington New Zealand